Building Self-Confidence – 1 Apr

young-lady-smiling cropped 199510:30 – 1pm

Suitable for Beginners

with Principal Teacher Gen Lhachog

£12 (adv) or £14 (day)

Venue: 125 Portland Street, M1 4QD.

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When we think about self-confidence it can often seem that we need to focus on ourselves and what we want.  However when we check we can also see that this focus leads to our problems and pain because we don’t always get what we want, therefore real self-confidence cannot be this.  Real self-confidence will never let us down, it will be reliable through all the challenges life throws at us.  So what is it?  In the timeless teachings of modern Buddhism Geshe Kelsang Gyatso encourages us to turn inwards and, through mindfulness, develop states of mind that lead to mental peace.  With a stable experience of mental peace we can be confident in all our actions.

“If we check honestly, we will see that it is our self-cherishing that causes us to act in ways that rob us of our self-respect and destroy our confidence.  Some people are driven by their self-cherishing to the depths of alcoholism or drug addiction, completely losing any modicum of self-respect in the process.  On the other hand, the more we cherish others and act to benefit them, the greater our self-respect and confidence will become.”

from How To Transform Your Life (download the free ebook at

These half day courses are based on two sessions which include guided meditation and a talk, with a break in the middle for some refreshments.  It is beneficial to attend the whole course, however, if you are not able to, you can attend either the 10.30am or 12pm session for £7 each.

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