Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats in KMC Manchester are ideal for groups

Upcoming Meditation Retreats in Manchester

At the moment there are no meditation retreats planned at either of the two Manchester Centres. Please check back again soon for updates or sign-up for our newsletter (using the box on the right of this page).

As well as meditation retreats, there are lots of other activities available in Manchester at the weekend. Please check these pages for more information: Special Events, Half-Day Courses, and Weekend Workshops.

What to Expect at a Meditation Retreat

A meditation retreat is the perfect way to take ourselves out of our ordinary routine and focus on meditation in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Guided by an experienced, qualified teacher, the retreats offered at KMC Manchester provide a great way to gain a deep experience of inner peace and the basics of Buddhist wisdom. All of the retreats offered at KMC Manchester are suitable for complete beginners and also for those with some experience of meditation retreat.

A retreat can last a day, a weekend, a week or even a month and everyone is welcome to attend as much as their schedules allow – just one session, a day or the full meditation retreat. Typically, each day features 3 or 4 meditation sessions each of which including some guided meditation and often a talk explaining how the real meaning of the practices taught can be incorporated into our busy lives.

Retreat Venues in Manchester

KMC Manchester has two locations for meditation retreat, each offering the ideal conditions for the people of the local area to enjoy…

The Chorlton Centre is in a peaceful, suburban part of Manchester and features a comfortable garden and a world peace cafe (open Wednesday to Sunday 11am – 4pm) with good quality, home-made vegetarian food with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. The meditation room is upstairs providing an even more peaceful environment to immerse the mind in meditation.

The City is located in the heart of Manchester. This location whilst central is quiet and offers the ideal space for the people of Manchester to experience first-hand the peace and tranquility that meditation retreat can bring to our lives. The meditation hall is spacious and comfortable and there’s a breakout room to meet other people and enjoy browsing the shop or have a tea or coffee.

Further information

For more information about meditation retreats in Manchester, please use the links at the top of the page or email the Centre: