Thursday Beginners Class



Thursdays 7 – 8.15pm | Just £20 for a Four week Course or £6 a week 

with Principal Teacher Gen Lhachog

Practical talks and guided meditations offering lasting solutions to our daily problems.

These classes are suitable for beginners and everyone is welcome.

Attend a course or drop-in any week.

Starting in June: Overcoming Stress, Fear & Anxiety ~ from Thu 1 Jun 

What is the cause of these painful experiences that are far to common in our society today?

If we check with the wisdom that meditation and modern Buddhism leads us to we can understand the true cause and nature of stress, fear and anxiety and remove them once and for all.

Through developing virtuous, positive states of mind by following the methods we can develop new mental patterns and pathways that are leading us out of suffering not towards it.

These classes are open to everyone and we are currently focusing on Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s latest book ‘How to Transform Your Life’ focusing on the chapter called ‘Wishing Love’.  You can this book for free at

Quotes from How To Transform Your Life, Section on Wishing Love.

“What is pure happiness?  Pure happiness is happiness that comes from a peaceful mind.”

“Pure happiness comes from wisdom, which in turn comes from practising pure spiritual teachings, known as ‘Dharma’. Each and every spiritual practise presented in this book gives us the ability to develop and maintain peace of mind.”

thu 1 jun:  Why is happiness so hard to find and hold on too?

thu 8 jun:  What is the nature of our current daily conflicts?

thu 15 jun:  Wishing everyone to experience pure happiness.

jun 22 jun:  Understanding the power of wisdom to free us from our suffering.


This class is taught by Buddhist Nun and Principal Teacher; Gen Kelsang Lhachog – Gen Lhachog teaches through her experience of life which makes Buddha’s teachings so accessible to all. With her warm approach and extensive knowledge of Buddhist teachings, as well as her clear and relaxed manner, she inspires us to practice in our daily lives.