Understanding Death & Enjoying Life – 8 Apr

Let go2 – 5pm

Suitable for Beginners

with Resident Teacher Gen Lhachog

£12 (adv) or £14 (day)

Venue: 76 High Lane, Chorlton, M21 9XF

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We all have only one life. When it is gone we cannot buy, borrow or make another.  By looking honestly at our life and death in a constructive way we can ensure that we use our life in the most meaningful way.  In this way we can live without fear and die without regrets.

“If we do not make the time to engage in spiritual practice purely, we will look back on our life at the time of death and see that it has been of very little benefit.  However, if we meditate on death, we will develop such a sincere wish to practise purely that we will naturally begin to modify our daily routine so that it includes at least a little time for practice.  Eventually we will find more time for practice than for other things.” From How to Transform Your Life (available as a free ebook at howtoTYL.com)

This workshop also presents the perfect opportunity to learn to meditate, or for those already meditating, to enhance their practice.

It is comprised of two sessions which include guided meditations and a talk, with a break in the middle for afternoon tea.

Book in advance to receive a discounted fee.

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If you’d like to add lunch to your advance booking, there is a reduced rate of just £5 for a main meal and a hot drink in the World Peace Cafe.  Available from 12 – 1:30pm.  A great way to catch up with a friend you may be attending with, or just enjoy lunch in a peaceful and welcoming environment.