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Bolton Class

Tuesday Evenings, Drop-in Class, Everyone is Welcome

with Kelsang Thonchog

The Friends Meeting House is a well established building in Bolton and we have been running classes on Silverwell Street for over 10 years. The classes will be held in the Main Hall which is on the ground floor to the right.

The Friends Meeting House does ask that people wear face coverings in the building until they are seated in the room.

12 Oct: Making Effort Effortless

19 Oct: Inside-Out Not Outside-In – The secret of understanding our Feelings

26 Oct; No Class

2 Nov: Understanding Attachment – the Great Deceiver

9 Nov: Anger – the Happiness Thief in Many Disguises

16 Nov: Getting Rid of Mental Litter

Accepting What We Cannot Avoid – A 4 week Course

There are many situations we would rather not have to deal with. Loosing someone we love, becoming sick, aging, financial difficulties, problems at work. Although these things may be inevitable in our lives we can do something about how we react to them. Patient acceptance doesn’t just mean gritting our teeth and putting up with things. It means learning to accept and work with the painful feelings that arise at those times. \these classes are open to everyone. They function well if you attend the entire course, however you can also drop in any week.


No.  Everyone is welcome.  These methods are applicable in our daily lives whatever our background or beliefs.

No.  The classes are all seated and you are welcome to sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

Yes.  All of our classes are suitable for everyone.

During lockdown and restrictions, most classes are streamed online, when lockdown is over then most of our classes are drop in.  However for half day courses and evening classes in the city there is a discount if you book in advance.

All costs are shown with each event also to save costs if you wish to attend regularly See our Membership Prices for details of prices.

We are a not for profit charity.  All of the fees for classes cover the costs of running our Centres and go towards our International Temples Project.

We have a whole website dedicated to giving people snippets via Podcasts so you can get a feeling of the teachings. Modern Buddhism Podcasts.

Kadampa Meditation Centre Manchester is a registered charity (1038999) whose function is to offer Kadampa teachings and meditations for everyone.  So that everyone may have the opportunity to find inner peace and happiness and be free from problems and suffering.  

Our Centres run on kindness.  If you would like to support KMC Manchester there are many ways you can help. Thank you for your support. 

For more information please contact us on info@kmcmanchester.org

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