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This course will explore how we can learn to let go of bad mental habits, come to accept our past and feel more confident and hopeful about our future.  the teachings given will show how we can apply the timeless wisdom of Buddha’s teachings on the mind and start to transform our life from within.

letting go of anxiety – Week of 5th March

This class will explore how we can begin to let go of anxiety through an understanding Buddha’s teachings on self-grasping.

letting go of blame and guilt – Week of 12th March

Learn how we can overcome our critical thoughts towards our self and others.

letting go of over-thinking – Week of 19th March

Through employing our mindfulness and alertness in our daily life we can begin to recognise and stop un helpful thoughts before they take hold.

letting go of self-criticism – Week of 26th March – (except Good Friday)

Our negative emotions are inevitably bound up with a strong sense of self.  This class will explore how we can learn to let go of our obsessive self concern and come to discover real freedom from within.


Mon:   8-9pm with Sam, £5
Tues:  7.30-9pm with Gen Lhachog, £6
Thur:  7.30-9pm with Jeff, £6
Fri:    11am-12pm with Sean, £5


Mon:   7 – 8.15pm with Gen Lhachog, £6 (DIFFERENT TOPIC Click for Details)
Tue:  5.45 – 6.45pm with Sean, £5
Thur:  7 – 8.15pm with Gen Lhachog, £6 BOOK ALL 4 FOR £20

OTHER AREAS (All of these classes are £5 and drop in)

Tue:  7.30 – 8.30pm ~ CHEADLE Library with Claire                                  Wed:  7 – 8pm ~ GREENMOUNT United Reformed Church with Ben
Thu:  7.30 – 8.30pm ~ PRESTWICH Creative Living Centre with Mark         Thu:  6 – 7pm ~ ASHTON-U-LYNE Library (New Free Class) with Stuart


This course will explore how we can improve our relationships with our partner, family, work colleagues and all the people we meet.

Why do we experience problems in our relationships? – week of 9th April

Our cherishing of others can often be mixed with a feeling of ‘what about me?’.  Learning to recognise means we can cherish others even when we are not getting what we want!

Dealing with Difficult People – week of 16th April

We cannot avoid difficult people no matter how much we try.  However we can begin to change our view so that they stop being a problem for us.

Compassion over conflict – week of 23rd April

Compassion is a mind that wishes others not to suffer.  Through understanding that others criticisms are merely a reflection of their own suffering we can choose not to allow anger to arise in our mind.

Who is there to blame? – week of 30th April

With Buddha’s wisdom teachings we can begin to understand the true cause of our problems.  We will be amazed to discover that we have been blaming an object that is simply a creation of our own mind, like a mirage.  Beginning to see through this illusion we will start to identify the cause of our suffering correctly.


No.  Everyone is welcome.  These methods are applicable in our daily lives whatever our background or beliefs.

No.  The classes are all seated and you are welcome to sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

Yes.  All of our classes are suitable for everyone.

No.  All of our classes are drop in.  However for half day courses and evening classes in the city there is a discount if you book in advance.

See our Membership and Prices menu for details of prices.

We are a not for profit charity.  All of the fees for classes cover the costs of running our Centres and go towards our International Temples Project.

“A warm and welcoming environment”


“I have noticed a wonderful improvement in my relationships with others and dealing with situations”


“I always leave a bit happier and a little bit kinder to others and myself”


“It was thoroughly enjoyable and helped massively with opening my eyes to how this can be used to alleviate stress.”

“I left the session feeling very peaceful, with advice that hopefully I will be able to take forwards into my work and home life.”

“There is pretty much a class every day so I can always make it along.”