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We dont have to feel overwhelmed and stressed coming up to and over the festive season!

These feelings can often come from trying to focus on everything we need to do at once.  Trying to juggle all the plans and lists and ending up feeling confused and exhausted.

Why not take some time out and try meditation!

Meditation and the positive perspectives found in modern Buddhism can give us a clearer and lighter focus on our daily activities.  We can create some inner space and calm that enables us to deal with our plans and lists without feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Come along and try it for yourself.

Avoiding the Festive Meltdown - Coping with the stress


Often our worry is based on things we cant control.

We relate to what happened and what will happen.  For example remembering some issue last year and wondering if the same will happen again.

Unfortunately we cannot control our external conditions, however we can begin to remove from our mind the cause of the worry we experience and therefore be worry free over the festive season.

Learning not to dwell on negative thoughts and instead recognising a negative train of thought before it consumes us enables us to cut the cause of our worry early on.

There is an ancient quote by Buddhist master Shantideva that says “If something can be remedied why be unhappy about it? and if there is no remedy for it, there is still no point in being unhappy”.

Avoiding the Festive Meltdown - Coping with the Worry


Feeling the stress and worry at this time of year can mean that our relationships become strained and tense, especially with those we are close too.

In modern Buddhism we can find simple and effective techniques that help us to stay positive and grounded when we dont get what we want or have to put up with what we dont want.

In this way we begin to clear away the clutter in our mind before it causes us to say and do things that we later regret.

Avoiding the Festive Meltdown - Coping with Difficult Relationships