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Buddha Manjushri Empowerment & Teaching

with Gen Kelsang Lhachog

Sunday 15th April, 10.30am – 4pm

£25 (lunch included)

at Our Centre in Chorlton – 76 High Lane, M21 9XF

In our daily lives we find that problems and difficulties arise easily whereas feeling peaceful, content, happy are impossible to hold onto and arise more and more rarely. The question is why? In Buddha’s teachings we find the answer to this question. Happiness and suffering are states of mind, happiness is a joyful feeling in the mind and suffering is an unpleasant feeling in the mind. Through understanding this we can begin to recognise that the underlying cause of all our problems, our unpleasant feelings, is negative states of mind, delusions, such as anger, uncontrolled desire and jealousy. Buddha teaches that through meditation we can begin to take control of our mind and remove these negative states by developing positive states of mind. However at the root of all our suffering is self-grasping ignorance. If we remove this from our mind then like removing a root all the other negative states of mind and all suffering will cease.

Through making a connection with Buddha Manjushri we can begin to recognise and remove self-grasping ignorance from our minds. By relying upon him as an unchanging friend we will see that things are not what they appear to be.

Buddha Manjushri Empowerment