Online Talk plus Guided Meditation

Sundays 2:00 – 3pm

with Kadampa Teacher Jeff



Sunday Wisdom
2:00 pm Sundays approximately one hour

The beauty of the Kadampa approach is that it presents Buddha’s teachings as practical, personal advice for people in the modern busy world, both Buddhist and non-Buddhists.

Sunday Wisdom is an opportunity to take a back seat and let Buddha’s wisdom do the work for you. Each class is a relaxing mix of meditation, teaching and advice for daily living.

Sometimes we might have to do a little thinking – but that’s OK as we can let our mind go with the flow.

The next five sessions in this ongoing series will be

17th January: Because You’re Worth It – becoming a confident meditator
24 th January: Not Home Alone – expanding your emotional network – the ultimate wireless connection!
31 st January: Mono-tasking Not Multi-tasking – the antidote to mental agitation and tiredness
7 th February: It’s Not Love Actually – the perils of attachment – love without strings
14 th February: Make the World Your Valentine – falling in love with everyone


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