Sat 15 May – Reducing Your Stress Levels


Saturday 15 May, 10.30am – 1pm

with Kadampa Teacher Ben

What is stress?  Does it really come from what’s happening in our life or is it how we react to what is happening?  Come along and find out more.


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Why do we get stressed?

To much work, to little time, demands on us, deadlines…

Reducing your stress levels means identifying clearly what is the cause of stress.  Buddha teaches that all problems are part of the mind that experiences unpleasant feelings.  Therefore reducing stress is about making internal changes so that the unpleasant feeling no longer arises.

Meditation highlights the thoughts and attitudes that are arising in your mind.  Then you can begin to recognize which thoughts and attitudes are beneficial and which are harmful. As you start to do this you can start reducing your stress levels by reducing the harmful thoughts and attitudes.

For example, when there are many different things to do it can feel overwhelming.  What is causing the feeling of being overwhelmed?  If you check it is the thoughts arising not the activities themselves!



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