Saturday City Class

at The Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St.  10.30 – 11.45am

£7 (cash & card payments accepted on the door)

Taught by Resident teacher Gen Kelsang Lhachog

The course includes practical advice from Buddhist wisdom and guided meditations.

Everybody Welcome!

No need to book, just come along!



Sessions in March: Conditions Needed for A Successful Meditation

9th March:  Learn how to develop a clear and determined motivation for engaging in meditation on developing a good heart towards others. We will be using the meditation from the download Meditations for a Kind Heart on Cherishing Others.

23rd March:  Using the same meditation as above our main focus will be on learning how to find and hold our object of meditation.  In this way gaining familiarity with the good heart of cherishing others and understanding how we can carry it into our daily lives.


Sessions in April:  Dealing with Painful States of Mind

worry, meditation20th April –  Dealing with Worry and Over-Thinking

What is worry? How does over-thinking play a part in worry?  Through Buddha’s wisdom we can begin to change our view of worry and stop over-thinking and the unpleasant feelings that arise from these painful states.

27th April – Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

Do you feel out of control? Unable to make your daily life what you want it to be?Through contemplating Buddha’s teachings on the nature of our suffering we can begin to understand why we feel out of control and how we can take control.  Through this our fear and anxiety will naturally begin to reduce.