Wednesday City Class

NEW CITY CLASS @ The Eighth Day Co-operative Ltd, 111 Oxford Road, Manchester, M1 7DU

6 – 7pm

£6 (cash & card payments accepted on the door)

with Kadampa Teacher Jimmey

Weekly drop-in class with meditations and a talk.

Everyone Welcome.

No need to book, just come along!


Be Happy – July Classes

Do you ever wonder ‘what is happiness?’, ‘where is it to be found?’ We are searching for happiness all the time but are we clear what it is we are looking for?  We often think wealth, status, relationships are what make people happy but if we check many people have these things and still experience problems.  In this 4 week course we will explore Buddha’s teachings on understanding what happiness is and where it is to be found. Come for the whole course or for an individual class. Either could be helpful.

Through this we will begin to see that we can develop our own happiness through practising meditation.  In particular we can transform our mind from negative states to positive states through following the methods taught.

This 4 week course is based upon Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s book ‘How to Solve Our Human Problems’. You can buy this book at the Centre or from Tharpa Publications.  (It is also possible to buy as a download)

“If our mind is peaceful we will be free from worries and mental discomfort, and so we will experience true happiness.”

July 3:  What is happiness?

July 10:  How Do We Develop Authentic Happiness?

July 17:  Training in Meditation

July 24:  Beneficial Thoughts to Carry into Our Day

Term Break


September Classes – Stop Right There!

Practical meditations to keep our mind in check

If we could choose, how many feelings that we had today would we choose to have again tomorrow? Probably not too many. It feels like we don’t have much choice about it. Our mind seems to have a mind of its own. And our mind can be a bit temperamental to say the least.

But with a few practical meditations we can start to put ourselves back in control, put a check on unwanted thoughts and uninvited feelings and maybe get through our days happier, less stressed and more fulfilled.

Sep 4: Pardon me – how to interrupt over-thinking

Sep 11: Get hold of that anger – before it gets hold of you

Sep 18: Pick yourself up -– before you put yourself down

Sep 25: Starting to stress? – don’t just do something, sit there

Oct Classes – Become the person you would like to meet 

When we constantly think self vs other we pit ourselves against the world – and that makes it hard. We think it is human nature but it is not – it’s just the universal bad habit that gives rise to so much discontent in our personal lives and our world.

By using meditation to uproot the real cause of our own unhappiness we become of greater value to others, especially those we love and care about.

Oct 3: What hold our happiness back – self-cherishing, the great deceiver

Oct 10: It’s not love actually – attachment vs love, opposites not equals

Oct 17: Because they are worth it – others’ happiness matters

Oct 24: Turn on your love light – the power of wishing love