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Retreat offers us an opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of the preliminary practises.

There may be guided and unguided sessions with prayers and silence for our own meditation practise.

During the year we engage in:

Guru Yoga & Mandala Retreat 

This retreat combines the practices of Guru Yoga, which is the gateway to receiving blessings, and Mandala Offerings, which is the gateway to accumulating merit.

Lamrim Retreat

Through a deep experience of the 21 lamrim objects of meditation we can swiftly find freedom from suffering and supreme happiness for ourselves and others.

Refuge Retreat

Through developing fear of rebirth in the lower realms and faith in the three precious jewels Buddha, Dharma and Sangha we will seek protection from suffering through receiving Buddha’s blessings, help and support from our spiritual friends and put Buddha’s teachings into practise.

Vajrasattva Retreat

Through the practise of Vajrasattva we can purify our negative karma so that we will never experience it again.

Heruka & Vajrayogini Retreat

For those with Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments an opportunity to deepen our experience of the sublime practises of the New Essence of Vajrayana and Quick Path to Great Bliss or Blissful Path.