Our Saturday Half Day Courses are a perfect introduction to meditation and Buddhist philosophy as well as a great start to your weekend.  Each half day is split into two sessions with guided meditation and a talk in each.  The session times in the City Centre are 10.30-11.30am and 12-1pm with refreshments in the break.  If you can’t make it to both sessions you are welcome to book for either. 

Booking is beneficial but not essential so do feel free to drop in on the day.

The cost in advance is £12 for the whole morning or £6 per session.  If you pay on the day it is £14 or £7 per session.  For those with Centre Card or on Foundation Programme there is no charge.


Saturday 1st June

in the City Centre, 125 Portland St (click for directions)

Real strength comes from within. A strong mind, is a flexible confident mind.
Learn how to let go of daily worries and fears and instead develop true confidence and inner strength. Able to adapt to all the challenges that life throws at us, like a tree that bends with the wind.

This course is open to everyone.

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Saturday 15th June

with Sam Healey

in the City Centre, 125 Portland St (click for directions)

Developing an understanding of the preciousness of our human life gives us the encouragement and confidence to make the most of our life in a meaningful way.  Learn how this makes our life pure and valued.

This class is open to everyone.

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No.  Everyone is welcome.  These methods are applicable in our daily lives whatever our background or beliefs.

No.  The classes are all seated and you are welcome to sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

Yes.  All of our classes are suitable for everyone.

No.  All of our classes are drop in.  However for half day courses and evening classes in the city there is a discount if you book in advance.

See our Membership and Prices menu for details of prices.

We are a not for profit charity.  All of the fees for classes cover the costs of running our Centres and go towards our International Temples Project.

“A warm and welcoming environment”


“I have noticed a wonderful improvement in my relationships with others and dealing with situations”


“I always leave a bit happier and a little bit kinder to others and myself”


“It was thoroughly enjoyable and helped massively with opening my eyes to how this can be used to alleviate stress.”

“I left the session feeling very peaceful, with advice that hopefully I will be able to take forwards into my work and home life.”

“There is pretty much a class every day so I can always make it along.”