Our Saturday Half Day Courses are a perfect introduction to meditation and Buddhist philosophy as well as a great start to your weekend.  Each half day is split into 2 sessions with guided meditation and a talk in each.  The session times in the City Centre are 10.30-11.30am and 12-1pm with refreshments in the break.  If you cant make it to both sessions you are welcome to book for either. 

Booking is beneficial but not essential so do feel free to drop in on the day.

The cost in advance is £12 for the whole morning or £6 per session.  If you pay on the day it is £14 or £7 per session.  For those with Centre Card or on Foundation Programme there is no charge.


Saturday 23rd March

with Gen Kelsang Lhachog

in the City Centre, 125 Portland St (click for directions)

Gen Lhachog will give a talk on how to deal with loss and change in our daily life, and how through engaging in the practice of Buddha Avalokiteshvara, we can benefit both ourself and others.

During the prayers in the second session, a guided meditation will be given.
These sessions are open to everyone. You do not need to be experienced to attend.
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Saturday 30th March

with Sam Healey

in the City Centre, 125 Portland St (click for directions)

Buddha’s wisdom gives us the understanding and space to recognise we can let go of guilt and resentment. We can often feel stuck with our painful feelings and harbour negative thoughts towards ourselves and others. We can choose to change how we feel about others and ourselves by changing our view and in this way we will relax and experience a peace and calm we never felt was possible.

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Saturday 6th April 

with Gen Kelsang Lhachog 

in the City Centre, 125 Portland St (click for directions)

Our lives these days are often filled with fears and anxieties and we can feel there is no escape from the difficulties and problems we encounter.  Learn how Buddha’s teachings offer essential practical advice for busy daily lives and solutions to the problems, fears and anxieties we often face.  Enabling us to take control of our lives and experience true happiness.

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Saturday 13th April 

with Jeff Simms

in the City Centre, 125 Portland St (click for directions)

In this half day course, we will contemplate what stress is and how we can recognize it early on. Through an understanding of meditation and developing a simple daily practice we can begin to reduce our stress and enjoy mental and physical relaxation.
This course is open to everyone.
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No.  Everyone is welcome.  These methods are applicable in our daily lives whatever our background or beliefs.

No.  The classes are all seated and you are welcome to sit on a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

Yes.  All of our classes are suitable for everyone.

No.  All of our classes are drop in.  However for half day courses and evening classes in the city there is a discount if you book in advance.

See our Membership and Prices menu for details of prices.

We are a not for profit charity.  All of the fees for classes cover the costs of running our Centres and go towards our International Temples Project.

“A warm and welcoming environment”


“I have noticed a wonderful improvement in my relationships with others and dealing with situations”


“I always leave a bit happier and a little bit kinder to others and myself”


“It was thoroughly enjoyable and helped massively with opening my eyes to how this can be used to alleviate stress.”

“I left the session feeling very peaceful, with advice that hopefully I will be able to take forwards into my work and home life.”

“There is pretty much a class every day so I can always make it along.”