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With Buddhist Monk Gen Kelsang Pagpa
Why do we often feel isolated, lonely or afraid?
What prevents us from really connecting with and engaging with others?
In this special day course, Gen Pagpa will explain how Buddha’s teachings on ultimate truth, emptiness helps us to break through these boundaries and connect with all living beings in a way we never thought possible. When we develop the wisdom that deeply understands selflessness, we open the door to realizing the interdependence between ourself and others and can develop profound love, compassion and peace.  
Everyone is welcome to attend this very special course. 
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SELFLESS - a Special Day Course
About the Teacher
 Gen Kelsang Pagpa has been ordained as a buddhist monk for 21 years and is the resident teacher at Vajravarahi Meditation Centre in Preston. He is well known for his warm and compassionate nature and his ability to present Buddha’s teachings in a clear and practical way.