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Chanted Prayers / Pujas

Wish Path of Blessings

Update: We are currently unable to offer ‘In-Person’ attendance for any of our Pujas (daily WFJ, WFJ with Tsog, Powa & OSG). 

For Online Streaming: No booking Required. Just follow/copy the link for each event.  The Pujas are now streamed from Zoom, so follow the instructions when you click the link (for phones and tablets you will need to download the Zoom app). If you have any problems, please email us at:

Pujas/Prayers - Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Offering to the Spiritual Guide

Every 10th & 25th Everyone Welcome!

This Thursday 15 April for Buddha's Enlightenment Day Live @ 7pm on Zoom

Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog

Every Friday (unless otherwise stated)
Everyone Welcome

Fridays Live @ 7pm on Zoom

Pujas/Prayers - Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog
Pujas/Prayers - Wishfulfilling Jewel with Tsog

Melodious Drum

29th of Each Month (unless otherwise stated)
Everyone Welcome

Live @ 8am on Zoom

New Kadampa Tradition

“Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. ”

- Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Kadampa Buddhism Worldwide 2021 Brochure

Kadam Dharma Worldwide 2021

The 2021 international brochure showing the latest developments in Modern Kadampa Buddhism worldwide, and the international teaching program of Festivals and Dharma Celebrations for the year is now available.